LACNIC has contributed to Internet development in the region since its inception in 2002, promoting and advocating for the multiple, diverse interests of the Latin American and Caribbean community.

This framework and way of working have been in place for 15 years and have only been possible thanks to the constant support of the community through the various participation and dialogue spaces created for listening to and learning from others.

On this occasion, LACNIC would like to mark its 15th anniversary by publishing 15 interviews offering different perspectives on the construction of the collaborative Internet model in our region.

In this spirit, LACNIC invites you all to join our 15th anniversary celebrations and to continue to work on strengthening an open, stable and secure Internet.

Adriana Ibarra

Leadership, transparency, outstanding technical capabilities and, above, all its warmth – these are the features that identify the community.

Adriana Rivero

Today, the community considers LACNIC to be a key, relevant player within the Internet ecosystem. #LACNIC15años’

Bernadette Lewis

While LACNIC has faithfully served 12 Caribbean countries in providing number resources, they have reached out to provide training and other capacity building services to the wider Caribbean.

Cristine Hoepers

Beyond the coordination of number resources, LACNIC has provided a Regional Forum where we can share our experiences, discuss new technologies and propose initiatives for a better Internet.

Florencio Utreras

The LACNIC community is identified by its generosity and commitment to regional Internet development.

Hartmut Glaser

Since its inception, LACNIC has been permeated by a multistakeholder spirit which remains to this day.

Ida Holz

LACNIC played a significant role in the creation of Casa de Internet for Latin America and the Caribbean, an unprecedented initiative.

Jorge Villa

Thanks to this community, our voice is heard in every forum. The LACNIC community is an essential pillar for both the region's present and its future.

Mariela Rocha

LACNIC works on the deployment of technologies that contribute to a better management and utilization of number resources.

Max Larson

One of the key strengths of our community has always been its diversity. This diversity is part of who we are and will need to be maintained.

Nicolás Antoniello

The community has learned to work together and take advantage of its synergies.

Oscar Messano

The idea of a stable, open and secure Internet has not only been a slogan but the main reason behind the successful work of LACNIC.

Ricardo Patara

An identifying feature of the LACNIC community is that discussions are heated yet respectful and friendly. #LACNICComunidade

Sebastián Bellagamba

LACNIC brought us all together in a place in a place where we could feel comfortable and begin to cooperate.